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Our teachers and staff are committed to your child and their education.

Bro. Eddie Preston is the Pastor and Principal.

Mrs. Shellie Creasy is a School Administrator. She handles school discipline and parent-teacher relations. Email

Mrs. Lisa Kroll is Office Support. She handles accounts receivable and currently athletic department questions. Email

Mrs. Daphne Spotts is our Registrar. She enrolls students, requests records, keeps the records including: immunizations, scoliosis testing and any other important information. Email

Miss Rachel Kroll is the Receptionist. Email

Mrs. Trish Maenza is the Kindergarten 5 teacher in room 3 North or 3 South. Email

Mrs. Cindy Kerce is the First grade teacher in room 4 North. Email

Mrs. Lori Medlock is the Second grade teacher in room 4 South. Email

Mrs. Jean Maglott is the Third grade teacher in room 5 South. Email

Mrs. Lesli McDonald is the Fourth grade teacher in room 6 South. Email

Mrs. Ruthy Hobbs is the Fifth grade teacher in Portable 3. Email

Mrs. Melissa Hollis is the Sixth grade teacher in Portable 5.  Email

Mrs. Amy Brinson is the Seventh grade teacher in Portable 6. Email

Mrs. Wendy Smith is the school music, drama, and chorus teacher in Portable 4. Email

Mr. Samuel Davis is the high school math teacher in room 1 South. Email

Mrs. Rachel Platt is the high school history teacher in Portable 1.  Email

Mr. Trey Bray is the high school English teacher in Portable 2. Email

Mr. Cody Farris is the high school science teacher in room 8 North or 8 South. Email

Mr. Anthony Diaz is the Spanish and elementary and high school computer teacher in room 7 North or 7 South.  Email

Mrs. Helen Upshur oversees the school lunches. Email