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Oldsmar Christian School


Registration application forms are available in our main office. If you would like forms emailed to you, please send a request to cnelson@oldsmarchristianschool.net. You can call 813-855-5746 to set-up an appointment for a school tour.

Once you are ready to move forward after your school tour, please submit your application forms, child’s grades, transcripts and standardized test scores for review. We will contact you after our administration has reviewed the material.


Learning Disability Accommodations:

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA 2004) does not apply to individuals placed in private schools by their parents. Students who attend public schools are entitled to a free appropriate education (FAPE) and an IEP, and they receive funding from the federal government. Private schools do not receive this funding and are not required to provide a free appropriate education or an IEP. They are not required to provide special education services to children with disabilities. This does not mean we will not accommodate students with special education needs. We will try to follow a similar structure in every way we can for academic accommodations; however, we do have our own process for accommodations that is specific to our school’s program. It is extremely important for parents of students with IEPs and 504s to discuss this from the beginning with our principal or administrator about your student’s unique process and plan.