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K-12 Christian Education in the Tampa Bay Area

Preparing students to face

an ever-changing world

with the unchanging Word.

Enrollment for 2024-2025


   We strive to make Oldsmar Christian School serve as an extension of the Christian home and to train young people in a Christian environment. Our goal is to train youth of varying abilities in the highest principles of Christian leadership, individual responsibility, integrity, self-discipline, and citizenship. We stand, without apology, for the complete and full gospel message of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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 We believe in an educational process that puts the Bible in the center of the curriculum and has the student and teacher weigh all they see in the world through the knowledge of God’s Truth. At Oldsmar Christian School, we believe it is our responsibility to build Christian character and provide the best academic program possible to enable each student to reach their intellectual potential.

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Our Customer's Feedback

“We love it! All four of our children attended and now our grandchildren are attending. It says something for a school when its graduates later send their own children to be educated there.”

“I am a parent of a child that has speech delay and ADD. We changed my child from the public school to Oldsmar Cristian and we could not be happier. This school helped us get all the necessary adjustment my child need in order for him to adapt to the school. They were quick, and the teacher was very flexible and helpful too. When we told the teacher he had ADD she right the way assigned him to sit in the front seat.”

“We love this school! Our kids look forward to it every morning! The environment is loving and strict at the same time. In this school kids can be kids!”

“We have been going to this school now for almost a year. I have read the reviews and I can say, as of right now, this school is pretty amazing. I think this school is pretty awesome. Small classes help with direct contact with all students.”

“We loved it for our family. Three of our children went on to college finished strong in their chosen careers and life choices after graduating from Oldsmar Christian. The school and staff cared about each of my children and always stayed in direct communication about grades, issues, or needs. None of my children got “lost”. They were all loved and cared for with extra attention exactly where they needed it.”