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EcoShield proudly announces our partnership with Oldsmar Christian School. Brother Eddie Preston has hired EcoShield to be the environmental cleaning partner of Oldsmar Christian. This system brings hospital-grade environmental cleaning processes into the school, gymnasium and chapel.  Oldsmar Christian cares about the health of our students and staff. Therefore, we brought in professional infection control staff for the best treatment available. Ecoshield cleans and protects hospitals, daycare facilities, health clubs, military bases, professional sports locker rooms, professional arenas, gymnasiums, jails and more.

EcoShield provides high performance, environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions in the fields of disinfection, sanitation and decontamination. All services are advanced technology, and all products are EPA registered, safe and green. Rest assured that Oldsmar Christian School and EcoShield care enough to keep your staff, children and family safe.s

Educational Outfitters

Founded in 1999, Educational Outfitters has served as a pioneer in the school uniform industry for over 20 years. We are committed to our customers. Ultimately,  this culminates in our stated company purpose: “To seek, serve, and honor God as a business, and to have a multiplying impact on the lives our business touches.”

We work to provide superior products, service, value, and convenience.